What You Need To Know About Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

One of the reasons you are looking for hearing protection is because you want to prevent losing your hearing. Are you obsessed with noise-induced hearing loss? Here are a few things you should know about it:

You can’t notice it immediately

Unlike popular belief, you can’t tell whether you are suffering from the condition as soon as you have it. This is because the condition takes time to develop. In most cases, the condition is as a result of years of exposure to loud noise and you can’t notice it until you have noticeable signs.

Some of the signs you are suffering from the condition include: having problems hearing what another person is saying when he/she is close to you, having a feeling of “fullness” when you leave a noisy area, rigging ears after you have been exposed to noise, and difficulty understanding speech after you have been exposed to the noise for a long time.

You should note that having these symptoms doesn’t mean you are outrightly suffering from noise-induced hearing loss. For you to be certain you are suffering from the condition, you need to visit a medical facility and have tests done on you.

You can prevent the condition from coming about

We are living in a noisy environment but this doesn’t mean we will all be suffering from noise-induced hearing loss. This is because you can prevent the condition from coming about. The obvious way is to avoid the noisy environment. If you can, you should stay away from noisy machines. When listening to music, listen to it at low volume.

Staying away from the noise is easily said than done as everywhere you turn there is noise. The logical thing you can do is prevent the noise from damaging your ears. You can do this by wearing hearing protection headphones. Some of the most popular options you have are ear muffs and ear plugs.

Earplugs are small and cheap. The unfortunate thing is they don’t last for a long time. When you buy them, you wear them for a few weeks and you have to replace them. The right time to replace them is when they start hardening.

In addition to earplugs failing to give you the hearing protection you are looking for, hard ear plugs also accumulate bacteria that put your ears at the risk of infection. When you notice the pieces begin to harden, it’s time to replace them.

As mentioned, they are cheap and you can easily find them at your local drug store or online stores such as eBay, Amazon, and many others.

Earmuffs, on the other hand, are tough and often made from high-quality plastic. Unlike ear plugs that you replace after a few weeks, ear muffs last for a long time. There are plain ear muffs and others that have radio and allow you to play MP3 when working. Your choice should be influenced by your preferences.

When buying earmuffs, buy high-quality pieces that will provide you with the right fit. They also should be comfortable to wear as you will have to be in them the entire day.

Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent

The unfortunate thing about noise-induced hearing loss is that you can’t reverse it. Once you develop the condition, your goose is cooked. The main reason for this is that the tiny hairs that break due to the extreme noise don’t grow back.

For you to improve your hearing, you will have to use hearing aids.

You can develop the condition when exposed to loud noise even once

While most of the noise-induced hearing losses are as a result of regular exposure to loud noises, you can develop the condition even when you are exposed to the noise once. For example, when you are exposed to a single explosion, loud concert noise, or gunshot, you can develop the condition.

For you to be on the safe side, make it a habit of having your hearing protection all the time, especially when you are anticipating being exposed to loud noises.

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